Gay People Posting Photos Of Gay People On Facebook Is Persecuting Christians Says Perkins

Gay People Posting Photos Of Gay People On Facebook Is Persecuting Christians Says Perkins
by David Badash
January 30, 2015

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins says that when gay people post photos of gay people so that Christians can see them, they're being persecuted.

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, on his Washington Watch radio show Thursday offered solace to a caller upset over seeing a photo of "two naked guys sitting on each other." Rather than unfollow the person who posted the image, the caller told Perkins he reported the photo to Facebook "in a nice, respectful Christian way," and yet says he was treated like "the biggest bigot out there."

Perkins responded by saying, "Jesus said that we are to pray for our enemies, for those who persecute us, that would be those who mock and ridicule us, absolutely we should pray for them," effectively calling gay people the "enemies" of Christians, something Jesus likely would never have done.

The caller did say that he was kind enough to not take legal action against Facebook for putting the image on his Facebook wall.

But Perkins, on top of suggesting praying for gay people – presumably to make them straight, or, as the caller suggested, so they will "turn their lives around" – also felt it important to draw a line in the sand.

"This is being shoved into people’s faces, and if, like you, they say, I don’t want this on my Facebook page, I don’t want this, I don’t want to see this, look, do whatever you want to do but don’t involve me in that – that’s not good enough, there’s this effort of forced acceptance and affirmation, and we just can’t do that."

Perkins also described the issue as a "lack of tolerance" from gay people.

Again, unfollowing the person who posted the image was probably the more Christian thing to do.

Source: TNVRM.