Society's failures

Society is failing in so many ways it's difficult to quantify. Safety and health issues, education, attitudes and standards. But all of us make our society and we have to live in it.

  • Slave labor, human trafficking
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  • Justice
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  • Attitudes
    But it's our culture, our tradition. Frankly, my dear...
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  • Population control
    Are we the scourge of Gaia?
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  • Medical world failures
    Healer, heal thyself. Oops.
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  • Religion and beliefs
    Believe in what you want, everyone else certainly does. Live and let live. And what a nice shoes you're wearing...
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  • Surveillance, Big Brother, Privacy
    How safe does it really feel being watched over everywhere you go?
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  • Laws, rules and regulations
    Too many or too few, they always seem to work against us.
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  • Islamisation
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  • Illegal migration

    Illegal and uncontrolled migration is a major failure of governments worldwide. Lack of a fully democratic and free society, or a failure to control the population explosion, is causing millions of people to illegally seek a better life elsewhere. It's an unwelcome burden on the target countries and a cause of much strife, resentment and discontent.

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