Products and services failure

Made in China aren't the only words we notice in horror when having bought something. When was the last time your waitress or flight attendant was actually friendly rather than a boot camp sergeant? And let's not begin about customer services...

  • Food, diet and nutrition

    Do you really know what you're eating? You are what you eat. Multinational food companies can't be trusted, everyone knows that. They fail us but the box says "Best ever". A long healthy life starts with the right nutrition, and activity. Are you failing yourself?

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  • Stores and shops

    The joys of shopping. Until the urge to kill something takes over.

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  • Customer service
    Why pay for calls that get you nowhere fast? And who am I speaking to anyway?
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  • Product failures
    Gone are the days of lifetime warranties. Made in China is here to stay. Well, the label anyway.
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  • Travel and leisure
    Travel horror stories abound. Who even wants to travel any more? Whether it's airport security measures, filthy trains and buses to get to work, accommodation failures and rip off or double pricing at venues, travel and transport failures are everywhere.
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