Personal failures

We all suffer from Foot In Mouth occasionally. Personal failures and embarrassments are experiences we should learn from. How bad can it get? Criminally bad!

  • Professional failure
    What is worse, to get caught doing something wrong or doing it in the first place?
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  • Mating and dating failure
    The perfect mate and the perfect wedding, what a dream. Or is it a nightmare, a fantasy? The truth is out there indeed.
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  • Employment
    The work we hate to love, or love to hate. How happy are you really in your job?
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  • Sex and health
    Sex is good for you, makes the blood flow and clears the sinuses. But what if it's bad sex?
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  • (Criminal) Behaviour
    Ever see Jackass? Proof that failure can be fun, even if sometimes painful. But behaving like a jackass is still failure and can sometimes lead to more serious consequences. Fun is good but don't be too much of a failure doing it.
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  • Parenting
    Why do people think they become professors of pedagogy just because they become parents? Must be a genetic failure.
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  • (Benefit) fraud
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