The failures of government are multitude. Perhaps never more so than in the current global crisis. It is usually necessary to be critical of government and point out their failures. Without feedback how would they otherwise know they are failing us. Not that they listen to the people that voted them into power, of course, this is their first failure.

  • Bureaucracy failure

    Bureaucrats. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Doomed to failure. But let's give them some credit, they are persistent...

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  • Undemocratic, failed states
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  • Human rights

    We have so many rights it's difficult to keep track of them. It's even more difficult to protect them. But we also have duties, a duty to protect our rights.

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  • Police, armed forces

    When our protectors prey on us and protect the criminals something is very wrong. Next time you need the police, will you still make that call?

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  • Government corruption

    Graft and bribes, hedonism. Ah, the working of government. It can be stopped, not a problem, are you part of the solution?

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  • Infrastructure failure

    Trains run late, buses are too crowded and few. Cars break down on bad roads. And who's to blame? Power, water and the net have hiccups or don't work. Infrastructure failures.

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  • Politics and politician failure

    It's difficult to think of a country where politicians are not the national failure. Why can't we have qualified people to vote for?

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  • Goverment Spending Failure

    Government spending has always been a matter of fierce debate. Many failures have been made in government spending behaviour either by overspending or underspending of areas, projects and programs. The big question is where o where has all that money gone?

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  • Propaganda

    If you ever watched or listened to the news, a programme or read something and you thought "Eh?" well, that was instinct telling you something stinks. It's called propaganda, also known as The Truth As We Want You To Know It.

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