One in five Italian species 'at risk of extinction'

One in five Italian species 'at risk of extinction'
21 May 2015

From corals to sharks, the sea is 'losing biodiversity'. (foto: ANSA)

(ANSA) - Rome - One in five animal species in Italy are at risk of extinction, Legambiente environmentalist group said Thursday.

At least 596 coleoptera, corals, rays, sharks, and sponges are at risk out of a sample of 2,807 Italian species, the group said in its first Italian Biodiversity Barometer ahead of World Biodiversity Day on March 22. Another 376 invertebrate and sea animal species face unknown risks of extinction, according to the Legambiente report.

The losses are being caused by rising temperatures, "indiscriminate land use" and "excessive consumption of resources", according to the report. Legambiente cited a recent study published in Science magazine showing that if unchecked, global warming will wipe one in six animal and plant species off the face of the planet by 2100.

Source: ANSA.