Environment and natural world failure

How much more can our environment take? I guess we are finding that out sooner rather than later. After 200 years of abuse and neglect we can only expect bad things and disaster from the natural world and the environment we live in. What are you doing about it?

  • (Man made) Eco-disasters

    Are we destroying our environment and the natural world? Yes.
    Are we doing anything to stop this rape of our planet? Very little.
    Judge for yourself, are you "green" enough?

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  • The Natural World
    Why have animals become so aggressive against humans? Do they collectively know their end is near by our hand? We fail utterly to protect them. They do have the same right to Gaia as we have!
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  • Extinction
    Every minute of every day we lose a fellow being on this world. When we fail to take care, diversity will be lost and we will be the lesser.
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  • Pollution
    The air we breathe, the waters of life and the sustenance we need. How can we even think to make them poisonous. No one escapes from pollution, not for all the money in the world you may have.
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  • Climate change, global warming
    Global warming may be part of a natural climate cycle, but humanity is certainly a contributor in speeding it up.
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  • Animal trafficking

    The trafficking of animals, especially endangered species has taken alarming proportions.

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  • Invasive species
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