Business, commerce and trade failure

Malpractice and irresponsible business practices are the norm today. Whatever happened to a fair deal? From your next taxi ride to your appliance and clothing stores, business isn't what it should be.

  • The economy, commerce and trade
    Capitalism, the road to paradise. For the select few anyway. Asset strippers are the gods of finance. Such failures. When we cease to think of others all is truly lost.
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  • Investment failure
    Save for the future, invest in your children. But at what cost to the present? We need to start to think long term.
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  • Scams and swindles
    Madoffs big and small, thieves be they all. Keep your wits about you. Question everything.
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  • Malpractice
    Quacks and charlatans, print your own diploma, get one off the net. Malpractice is a common failure, better to learn the real facts.
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  • Bad business
    Cartels and price agreements, scams and unfair practices. Failure in business is everywhere, especially from the big boys.
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  • Corporate future

    A corporate future - one where corporations, and profit - control the world is here. But is it too late too stop it and return to a society and business model where fairness is paramount?

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  • Profiteering
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