17 people who look worse in swimwear than you

17 people who look worse in swimwear than you
2 July 2015

Britain's heatwave can mean only one thing - it's BIKINI TIME!

There's just one problem - most of us have been guzzling kebabs and swerving the gym since September. But quit worrying, folks, because you're not the only one who doesn't look like a model can't look as bad in swimwear as this lot.

Check out these 17 howlers and dust off those too-tight trunks with confidence.

1) Sweet treat? Nope.

2) This look's sarong.

3) Ouch - someone get this woman comfier beach kit.

4) The world's hardest working bikini?

5) Somewhere there's a 12-year-old girl in tears right now

6) Lookin' good, sir

7) Somebody get this woman a sandwich pronto

8) ...and that all-important rear view. *gulps*

9) You've gotta hand it to this woman - she's brave

10) Got from the disc-ount bin at HMV?

11) Sometimes the bikini look is not all it's cracked up to be.

12) No, we said it's OK to be vain on the beach

13) Pair of abs-olute smashers

14) Orange you glad to see me? Er, meh.

15) And they call this look "the Big Bird".

16) It's on back to front, love. You know? Oh.

17) Those briefs are going to need counselling.

Source: The Sun UK.