Arts and sports, media failures

What's art? And what's up with sports? Athletes seem to contain more drugs than your nearest pharmacy and money makes the sports world a playground for criminals. And what's in that food you're eating? Still watching television? Why?

  • Entertainment
    Television, movies/film, the stage. How much do they really entertain us? Are we even allowed to think when watching the mainstream productions?
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  • Sports and leisure
    Is it failure to come in second? There are always people better than you and others less good. why cheat? Leisure time is there to relax, why get so stressed about it?
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  • Arts and culture
    Culture has become another word for intolerance. My culture is better than yours. But is it really? Some traditions just need to be forgotten because they are no longer valid or make sense. If beauty, and art, is in the eye of the beholder then why is it so ugly?
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