Malaysia Airlines gets unwanted attention with ‘Bucket List’ contest

Malaysia Airlines gets unwanted attention with ‘Bucket List’ contest
3 September 2014

MAS gets unwanted attention with ‘Bucket List’ contest

Malaysia Airlines, which is reeling from two tragedies in four months, appears to have launched a questionably named contest in Australia and New Zealand called “My Ultimate Bucket List”, The Huffington Post reported.

The name for the contest, launched on Monday, was not exactly the best choice of words in view of the tragedy that struck Flight MH17 and the disappearance of Flight MH370. A bucket list is made up of things one wants to do, see or accomplish before dying.

The Huffington Post said the competition was promoted as "a game of skill" and only customers in Australia and New Zealand are eligible to take part. As part of the entry submission, contestants must submit an answer of 500 words or less to the question: “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list, and explain why?”

Prizes include a free iPad and a free economy-class ticket to a destination in Malaysia, to be determined by the airline.

Yesterday, media outlets and netizens lamented the airline’s unfortunately-named contest. “Straight from the files of What Were You Thinking? comes a 'Bucket List'-themed contest from Malaysia Airlines that ranks as the second worst decision recently made by the beleaguered travel brand,” The Huffington Post quoted MediaBistro's Claire Daniel as writing, referring to the airline's recent decision to lay off 6,000 workers as part of its restructuring plan.

However, The Huffington Post said following the criticisms, MAS might have reconsidered the contest. It said the original link to the competition on the airline’s website returns a 404 error though a PDF version still exists. The airline did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

All 298 passengers and crew on board Flight MH17 were killed when the MAS 777 aircraft exploded over strife-torn eastern Ukraine on July 17 after it was believed to have been hit by a missile. Dutch air crash investigators have said that an initial report into what brought down flight MH17 in Ukraine will be released “this week or the next”.

There is still no sign of Flight MH370 which disappeared on March 8 en route to Beijing with 239 people on board despite the millions of dollars spent, massive tracts of land and ocean searched, and sophisticated equipment deployed. – September 3, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! The Malaysian Insider.